Učite bosanski putem Internacionalnog univerziteta u Novom Pazaru

Why summer school

The Summer school includes an intensive course of Bosnian language and specific classes of culture, tradition, literature, history and interculturalism.

The objectives of the Summer School

The aim of the Summer and Online School is to popularize teaching of the Bosnian language; to develop and nurture Bosnian language and the Bosniak culture and tradition.

Target group

The Summer School is aimed at Bosniak students of higher schools and students from the Diaspora as well as students of Slavic languages and related disciplines in the world, and all the others who want to better know the Bosnian language and the culture of the Balkans.

Features of the Summer School

  • Two course levels: basic and advanced
  • Duration: 03 Aug to 14 Aug 2015
  • Group size: 15-20 participants per group
  • Age: 15 years
  • Daily educational tours
  • Full-day excursions on weekends.

Teaching content

  • Bosnian language - 20 hours
  • Bosnian history - 5 hours
  • Bosnian culture - 5 hours
  • Religious education / Interculturalism (elective) - 10 hours
  • 1 hour = 45 minutes


Accommodation and meals are provided and covered by the Summer School fee.

Learning Bosnian in Sandžak

Sandžak region is situated in the central part of the Balkans, bordering Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo with majority Bosniak population.
SSandžak is rich in natural beauties, such as the Pešter plateau, Bihor and Komarani, the mountains Haile, Golija, Rogozna, Vistor, Zlatar etc., the rivers Lim, Ibar and Uvac.

Certificate and ECTS

Summer School participants will receive a certificate with 5 ECTS credits that can be transferred to the university abroad.


The fee including accommodation and food: € 350.